Proud to support Flourish

We are proud to announce that we are an official sponsor of Flourish! Flourish is a Christian organisation in Warwickshire that offers counselling to young teenage girls. As a father of teenage girls, I am concerned about the level of pressure that girls are under and the anxieties they develop. Flourish seeks to improve the self confidence and self esteem of teenage girls, helping them to better cope with the life stresses they encounter.


In sedation dentistry we come across so many young female patients who are suffering with all forms of anxiety, making dental treatment harder to tolerate. Often these girls have had very little dentistry done in the past and when they hit their early twenties, require say, wisdom teeth removal. With no previous experience of what dentistry is like, it can become a very big deal indeed.

Not only do I have a personal link with this fabulous organisation, but as a provider of anxiety relief in healthcare, I feel its crucial to help teenagers better equip themselves for the challenges that lie ahead.