One of our goals at UKS is to set up a series of Sedation and MOS referral centres across the UK.


We call these “Hub Practices“.


Six reasons:


  1. NHS waiting lists are getting longer
  2. Some practices have spare room capacity
  3. Some practices get cold feet about inviting another dentist into their practice to carry out sedation on their patients.
  4. Some dentists get cold feet about tackling more complex surgical work including third molar removal.
  5. Some patients can’t stomach the idea of having dental treatment done.
  6. We can get more patients treated if we are in one location for a day.


So, we have set up centres around the country where an experienced UKSedation sedationist works with an experienced oral surgeon, either in house or provided by us.


We then invite referrals from all the practices in the area for MOS with or without sedation.


How it works:


What we provide:

  • Full IV Sedation for adults over the age of 18, charged at a flat rate regardless of length or complexity
  • We use a a lot of Remimazolam for safer more controllable and predictable sedation with fast recovery times.
  • Online referral forms and letters / leaflets we provide to practices
  • Part of national branding and marketing programme including Trade shows and Social Media
  • Website presence on
  • We can also provide the experienced oral surgeon, approved by us, someone used to working under sedation. That is a standard associate agreement between them and the practice.


What you provide:


  • A surgery for minimum of 1 session per month which can be increased dependent on demand
  • The surgical equipment necessary, including surgical motor and instruments
  • A nurse to assist (needs to be ILS trained, not sedation trained, we can help with this)
  • A Practice Manager who can handle incoming referrals.


The Journey


  • A practice refers a patient to the UKS Hub on our website, uploads radiographs and any other necessary information
  • We then triage the referral, confirm its suitability with or without sedation
  • We then contact the patient for consent and to run through any concerns they have.
  • When happy, we book the patient in at the Hub
  • We discharge the patient back to you with a covering letter.



If you are interested in having a referral service within your own practice, just drop us a line


Avenue Referrals

Referral form for Avenue Dental / UKSedation

Please use this form for adult oral surgery referrals with or without IV Sedation.

We want to make the referral system as simple as possible, once you have submitted the form we will arrange a suitable time to see the patient.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you've got any questions.

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