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Dr Laura Carr (BDS Newcastle 1998)

North East


I qualified as a Dentist in 1998 from Newcastle University. I had an interest in Sedation as an undergraduate… We were lucky to be able to practice as undergraduate students.


I continued to study sedation and practice it as a VT dentist and even in that first year I was able to provide peripertectic sedation. I completed every course available for sedation at Newcastle University as a postgraduate and in 2004 I completed the Diploma course… I have provided sedation both in my practice both as a principal and as an associate.


I have provided Sedation peripertectically now for nearly 25 years. I have worked closely with Implant dentists, Endodontists and general dentists over the years.


I worked in nursing care whilst studying dentistry and I really feel that set me up with the caring empathic nature needed to look after often difficult anxious patients. I feel like being a sedationist comes naturally to me, and I can usually put the patients at ease.

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