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Hi! My name is Ranjna Sharma and I have been treating patients under sedation for well over 15 years. I qualified in 1995 from Birmingham University and realised very quickly that dental treatment could be an unpleasant experience for both patients’ and dentists. 


During my early years of working as an associate, I observed patients being treated under sedation and noticed the calm atmosphere that was palpable within the surgery throughout the session. There was no doubt in my mind that this was an invaluable skill to acquire, particularly to support anxious patients in a high needs area where many patients were failing to get the help they needed because of their phobia of dentists; every other patient would declare ‘I hate the dentist!’ I decided that my approach to sedation needed to maximise behavioural support alongside the therapeutic intervention. 


I now work with the treating dentist to understand their needs and requirements, as well as those of the patient to aid effective and collaborative treatment. This ultimately avoids over sedation, under sedation or delayed recovery of the patient.  I understand and appreciate how challenging and stressful operative dentistry can be under normal circumstances let alone when you are treating an anxious patient and I endeavour to go the extra mile to minimise the stress experienced by all parties.  


Over the years I have treated over 2000 patients under sedation so please feel free to contact me so that I can offer my support when TLC just does not work.

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