Charlie’s Story

Charlie, posted a question about getting a tooth out and root canal on our Facebook group. She was clearly anxious about receiving dental care because of past experiences  but knew that treatment under sedation may be the way forward.

After answering her specific queries about sedation Dr Endicott recommended a practice in Birmingham where he knew a sympathetic dentist would treat her with him carrying out the sedation.

Charlie attended for a very teary consultation but was relieved that we could help her. At the treatment session she was visibly shaking and very teary, however once the first bit of sedative was given, the tears went and she relaxed.

Needles in the mouth no problem, treatment no problem  and she could not believe afterwards that the tooth was gone. “Really? But I didn’t know you were doing it”. Tears again but of joy!

It was great to be able to help this very anxious lady, in fact, we love helping all our patients and seeing the disbelief on their faces once their treatment is complete!

If you have concerns, please, please, get in touch. Either by messaging, emailing or just join our Facebook group.

We look forward to helping you and transforming your dental health. 🙂