Complaints Policy and Procedure

Created 14th August 2023


  • is committed to providing a good standard of quality services to service users, other agencies and organisations
  • will take seriously any concern or complaint and will look into it promptly, for resolution as quickly as possible
  • recognises that all service users, agencies and organisations 
  • have the right to raise concerns or complaints about our services
  • have access to clear information on how to voice complaints and concerns
  • concerns and complaints procedure is open to everyone who receives or requests a service from UKSedation and
  • people acting on their behalf
  • will produce a standard leaflet outlining this policy and procedure which should be on display and available to
  • anyone who asks for it.
  • will deal with complaints in line with UKSedation Confidentiality policy
  • will keep a register of all complaints, which will be reviewed regularly by the Director (s)
  • complaints procedure will be part of the process of monitoring the quality, effectiveness and non discriminatory nature of its services
  • All staff, volunteers and franchise holders and associate members are required to read, understand and comply with this policy and its procedures

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