CQC compliance

uk sedation quality

CQC compliance is a hot topic these days in Dental Practices!

We often dread the phone call with a looming inspection and we scrabble around to make sure all our paperwork is in place!

Having someone visiting your practice to treat patients is often a worry, are you doing enough to satisfy the inspectors and provide safe Sedation to your patients?

As of 2021, 8 practices we work in have undergone CQC inspection, all of whom have been asked about sedation! Thankfully, they had been pleased with the level of compliance and safety we have been able to provide.

It used to be assumed that someone visiting your practice, be they Dentist Sedationists, Doctors or Anaesthetists, would be fully trained, qualified and experienced. But can you be sure?

At UK Sedation we take the whole issue of compliance extremely seriously. We are a team, there are a few of us, but under the banner of UK Sedation we all provide compliance in the same way.

Every time you make a booking with us, you get a confirmation email which contains a link to our compliance pack. This is a dropbox folder for that particular sedationist containing everything you need to know, including:

  • Identification
  • Training and qualifications
  • CV
  • Information Governance 
  • Learning log
  • Service Level Agreement (if required)


These folders are constantly updated so you can always be assured that the information you have to have is current and valid. You can stored the documents digitally or print them off and store them in a folder. When it is time for an inspection, you’ve got everything to hand.

If you want to provide safe compliant sedation in your practice, just register your practice and we will take care of the rest!