Fred’s Story

Fred’s mouth was a disaster, the front teeth stick out, one had dropped down and even though he was 50 he thought he looked 70. he knew he had to have all his teeth out but couldn’t stand the idea of false teeth, he thought that was admitting defeat and almost a self inflicted punishment for letting his teeth go.

He also knew that his local dentist had suggested complex implant treatment and had wanted to refer him. He got in touch with us not knowing where to go.

Through our network of “Dream Teams” we were able to have him seen by a dentist who not only had the skills and the equipment to be able to deliver for the patient, but also the dream team of technician, surgeon, nurse and sedationist.

Fred came for the treatment, all teeth out, all implants in and new fixed teeth attached in a single day. He was adamant beforehand that he wanted a general anaesthetic not sedation but after explaining other patients’ experiences to him, he felt more comfortable with the idea.

6 hours later he walked out with a new set of teeth, not dentures, that looked amazing. The whole team agreed that he now easily looked 50 and the patient was overjoyed.

When asked later, he had no recollection of those 6 hours, not even a memory of going to the loo half way through! He didn’t even remember the journey home. (He was driven home, all our patients having sedation are required to be accompanied!)

A few days later we heard that he was enjoying eating a steak again, something he hadn’t done for 15 years.

This sort of story is typical of patients who contact us, they feel overwhelmed and hopeless about the future of their teeth, they feel old and fearful of the prospects that ageing bring. We were and continue to be delighted to be able to prove our patients wrong, that life has so much more to offer including a set of beautiful teeth that are fixed in place allowing them to eat out in confidence and join in socially, plus of course, smile!

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