Feeling Nervous about visiting the Dentist?


  • Do you dread a visit to the dentist?
  • Do you feel guilty about the state of your teeth?
  • Do you want to sort things out whilst being relaxed?

Putting Dental Fear behind you…

We understand how hard it is to access dental care when you are terrified. Not only that, we understand how frustrating it can feel just even trying to explain your fears.


We want to reach out to people just like you and help. We have a team of like minded professionals all ready and able to help you improve your dental health situation. We don’t judge or criticise, something many patients tell us happens and so leads them to put off treatment yet again.


Together we can turn this around for you and finally you can achieve the smile of your dreams.


Our website is here to link you up with one of our “Dream Teams”, these are teams of dental professionals who will guide and treat you. We have teams all over the UK willing and ready to help take care of you.


Now is the time to act and start chatting with us. It is really simple, you can send a message explaining your concerns and we will be in touch or you can even join our Facebook group where people are already chatting about our services.


We look forward to talking with you and making the connections for you that will start this incredible journey to a new way of dental care, a way without fear and worry.

Charlie, posted a question about getting a tooth out and root canal on our Facebook group. She was clearly anxious about receiving dental care because of past experiences but knew that treatment under sedation may be the way forward. After answering her specific queries about sedation Dr Endicott recommended a practice in Birmingham where he knew a sympathetic dentist would treat her with him carrying out the sedation. Charlie attended for a very teary consultation but was relieved that we could help her. At the treatment session she was visibly shaking and very teary, however once the first bit of...

May 1, 2024