preoperative assessment tool

Preoperative Assessment Tool

Following a recent CQC inspection, where again they focused heavily on sedation, a recommendation from the inspector was for the practices to do more basic pre-operative assessments, assessing the suitability for sedation. I created a form a few years ago which I’ve attached to this email which you are free to use or to steal as template in your clinical software if you want to.

If this form is something you are keen to use regularly then I am happy to send you an A4 “tear off” pad. Just let me know and I will get this to the printers. I will also record a short vCPD talk on preoperative assessments and publish that and other short courses on our new website in a few months.

There is also a UKS practice checklist I can send you which is useful for CQC purposes, helping you to assess the practices’ suitability for offering sedation.

At the bottom of every booking email is a dropbox link to the individual sedationists compliance pack which should contain all the information you need for compliance, to the level you would expect from an associate in your practice.

As ever, we are keen to improve what we do, for the ease of the whole team and the safety of the patient and we will always notify you about updates. 

Do let me know if you have any questions at all and we look forward to serving you and your patients again.