Remimazolam update

So, my journey with Remimazolam continues! Now we have IACSD approval for use in dentistry in the UK, we have seen a huge uptake in its use, with much better outcomes for patients. We are seeing IV sedation already becoming more a part of everyday dentistry, especially when we can do cases in under 20 minutes up to 6 hours (so far). Treatment is more predictable and controllable, we are tailoring the sedation to suit the dentistry, adjusting the levels as necessary for a more targeted sedation. Patients retain more dignity, are less groggy afterwards and can return to their normal lives within hours (although no driving please!). Average recovery times so far (from a state of Conscious Sedation to getting up and walking around) is about 10 minutes,

All this with a margin of safety comparable (if not better in my opinion) than midazolam.

We’ve treated patients where we would normally be referring for propofol + opioid sedation with great results.

I don’t think its a replacement for midazolam yet (although I am using it more than midazolam these days) or a replacement for propofol but its an extremely useful tool in our “box”, especially for ultra short cases or ultra long (more than 90 minutes).


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