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We have provided everything you require to offer sedation in your dental practice.


From consent forms to information about the types of anaesthetic we use, you will find a comprehensive source of information here on these pages. If there is anything else you would like to know about please contact our team and we will be able to help. Our desire is to help you provide sedation services for your patients in your own practice simply and straightforwardly.

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To improve your compliance when providing sedation in your practice head over to our new platform.

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How to use UKSedation in your practice

UKS Patient Information

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Our patient facing website also provides a wealth of information for patients requiring dental care.


Patients can search for a suitable practice or make contact with us to we can put them in touch with you. We also provide extensive information for patients who may be searching for a solution to their dental problems. Often they really struggle to access the services they require, our aim is to simplify this procedure as much as possible and help patients receive the care they deserve.


Every practice we visit is then listed on our website, including a free link to their own site. Contact us for details