Want to ensure your practice is Sedation compliant?

I get asked this everyday – how do I keep regulators and inspectors happy when providing sedation in my practice?

At UKSedation, we decided in 2023 to make it as easy as possible for practices to use us and ensure everything is being done to make sure patients are treated safely and at the highest possible quality.

This is great- thanks so much for sending across. I’m really impressed with this company !!

The documents they send are enough and if its already present the practice does not need to repeat – just keep them on file 😊”


To build your sedation compliance book simply head over to www.traintosedate.co.uk, register an account for free and contact us to get access to our compliance programme, all for free..
Also, why not use the free Smartily app to track the sedation and life support CPD? Just visit www.smartily.app today